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A Beginner’s Guide to Tattoo Art

Once considered as taboo, a tattoo is now a convention of society. It is not considered as taboo anymore. It is part of society now, and many folks are trying this on their body. It is an unconventional remark that people pass to society.

When you are thinking to do a tattoo for the first, you need to consider some important factors you have to keep in your mind according to the artists working at best tattoo shop in Seminyak like Celebrity Ink, the biggest tattoo brand in the world. So here are the top considerations of a newcomer.

Don’t Rush It

When doing a tattoo choosing the right design is the first and most crucial job. Without proper design, your tattoo can not look gorgeous and appealing. Also, the design you choose must reflect your personality, and it should be the symbol of your identity. So please do not rush it. Do not do it unless you are 100 percent sure about it.

Research It

It would be best if you did proper research before getting a tattoo. At first, think about the store that you are going to do your tattoo form. Learn about its artist, its environment, and its tattoo rates before doing it. A proper hygienic place has utmost importance when doing a tattoo. Doing a tattoo from unhygienic and tattoo parlours can lead to dangerous skin infections that can ruin the whole tattooing experience.

The Right Artist

You must never afraid to ask questions. A good tattoo artist can answer all your quarries properly. He can connect with you and provide all the necessary details that you need before going through the process. It is also their duty to make you feel comfortable before starting the process. If you think that the artist is not answering all you query accurately, if you think the place is shady, then do not go for the tattoo.


After selecting the design, parlour, and artist, you have to think of the way you are going to prepare for the tattoo. You should wear proper clothes. It will allow the artist to easily access the body part in which you are going to do a tattoo. Also, prepare mentally about it. It is going to hurt and bleed a little, so you have to prepare your mind for that. Apart from that one need to maintain a proper diet before the tattoo.


Aftercare is somewhat essential after getting a tattoo done. It needs to be healed properly. One must take proper aftercare measures such as washing it properly, applying moisturiser and heal it in a proper way.

Those are some important consideration when doing a tattoo. However, if you are thinking how much is a tattoo in Bali or at other location? You need not to worry as many popular places are giving people the exact opportunity to get a fabulous tattoo.

Top Six Essential Oils to Use for Fast Tattoo Healing

At present, an increasing number of individuals from all across globe are getting inked to rejuvenate outer appearance, express suppressed emotions, honour somebody close, and protest against age-old notions of society. Are you planning on doing same? If yes, besides scheduling appointment with a credible artist and choosing a visually appealing design, make sure to also pay attention towards aftercare. Well, in following write-up, I have chalked down names of few essential oils readily available in market, which can heal brand-new tattoos quite quickly.

  • Frankincense

Frankincense can protect wounds from getting infected, thus, you can apply it on skin penetrated with needles repeatedly. This particular oil reduces itching to a great extent, and let tattoo colours maintain their lustre for almost an eternity. Now isn’t that simply amazing?

  • Helichrysum

According to best tattoo artist Indonesia, owing to having antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, Helichrysum oil can certainly stop harmful bacteria from entering your recently inked body part. It also successfully prevents inflammation.

  • Lavender

Lavender oil is exceptionally soothing, hence, could provide permanent relief from pain associated with tattooing. It has abundant SPF or capability to protect against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This product could calm your mind so you can also smell it before going to bed every night. 

  • Tea Tree

Tea tree might irritate your skin a little bit so try diluting it with other carrier oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, etc. before application. Unlike other topical creams or lotions, it actually helps your tattoos breathe. You can also continue using tea tree oil after full recovery because different elements present in this product can keep skin supple and soft.

  • Rosehip

Rosehip oil possesses plenty fatty acids and can foster growth of new skin cells in absolutely no time. This means besides healing new tattoos, it can also allow older or faded designs to look alive. The said essential oil can also effectually contribute to flawless complexion by lightening age spots or hyperpigmentation.

  • Myrrh

Although not as popular as others in this list but myrrh can also let tattoos shine and remain dark for long. If applied after getting inked, myrrh oil can stop bleeding right away as well as stop airborne germs from inhabiting affected body part. For better results, you can mix myrrh and frankincense oil together.

According to professionals working in a renowned Bali tattoo shop, applying essential oils regularly can keep tattooed area moist, prevent scab formation, and speed up overall recovery procedure. Other essential tips to strictly comply with include not taking dips in swimming pools, staying away from sun under all circumstances, avoiding indulging in strenuous workout sessions, and stopping yourself from sleeping on top of a freshly etched design.

Understanding Meanings of Eight Popular Tattoo Designs

Tattooing has acquired extensive recognition with several individuals from all across the globe indulging in it every year. Apart from obviously depending on a proficient and experienced artist, who can etch skin inflicting as little pain as possible, it is also necessary to choose a design, which can effectually rejuvenate outer appearance as well as act as a means  for expressing suppressed emotions and rebelling against conventional notions of society. Well, in the following write-up, I have jotted down names of a few aesthetically pleasing and profoundly meaningful tattoos that are on high demand lately. Please do check them out right now.

  • According to talented artists working in top Bali ink tattoo shops, single feather is known for usually symbolising death of a beloved. It can also signify courage, freedom, and reliability- characteristics possessed by birds.
  • Tribal tattoos have been around the world for over 5000 years, since the Bronze Age. At present, many men are opting for them because they tend to represent a wide range of masculine virtues including hard work, boldness, valour, power, and assertiveness.
  • Mexican sugar skull tattoos have managed to acquire widespread recognition among a larger segment of the population. These are specifically designed for commemorating departure of one’s beloved.
  • Butterfly tattoos, be it small or big, colourful or black and grey, represents breathtaking beauty. It is also known for signifying transformation and hope. Are you wondering how? Well, the said creature starts its journey as an ordinary caterpillar, undergoes plenty struggles, and then ultimately changes into something exceptionally attractive.
  • The moon is noted for representing life and its phases signify how life constantly changes. In other words, life goes in circles and what goes around comes around. It conforms to the fact that karma is present.
  • The sun is a universal theme for tattoos. Being a life giver, it stands for rebirth, fertility, perseverance, power, and brand-new beginnings. All who wish to turn a new page or leave harsh times behind must consider getting sun tattoos.
  • Roses are also extremely well-acknowledged choice for tattoos. They symbolise a variety of aspects such as passion, beauty, love, and strength. Colour of roses also has importance. For example, if the flower is carved in black ink, it depicts loss of loved ones.
  • Highly proficient and adequately experienced professionals working in tattoo Seminyak studios, anchor is carved on arms, legs, shoulder, back, chest, etc. of both men and women. It represents stability, strength, resilience, steadfastness, composure, and salvation.

Besides treasuring exclusive connotations, each design specified above would look incredibly beautiful if carved with maximum precision. You must carry out a comprehensive research, seek specialised recommendations, and arrive at a decision after putting in much thought. Remember tattoos are permanent, thus, you certainly would not like to end up with something visually displeasing or ridiculous.

How You Can Sincerely Survive Your First Tattoo Session

Most of the people think that doing the tattoo is a painful experience. Just think about the constant buzzing of the tattoo machine as the needle poke in the skin for a hundred times in a second and it is enough to back up from the service in just last minute.

Are you too much worried about your first tattoo session; here are some of the precautions you must take to survive your first tattoo session-

1.    Find the Design That Suits You

It is the first step that you can take. Choosing the design is the best thing you can do. As there are millions of options to make and finding the one to be done on your hand is quite tiresome and etching. Be sure that you choose the best tattoo design that enhances your appeal and shows your personality. The tattoo artist can choose you in the process of selecting the design. For instance, the artists at the Bali tattoo studio have extensive experience, and they help you in choosing the best tattoo that reveals your character and nature.

2.    Choose an Experienced Tattoo Artist

When you are thinking to do the tattoo, it is very important that you choose a professional tattoo artist who has experience and knowledge in providing the best tattoo art to the customers. Do not go for the one who is a novice in this field. Check out his previous tattoo work so that you get an idea about the latest works he has done.

3.    Remember It Is a Pain, Not the Fear

When you have thought to do the tattoo, be sure that you do not fear about the process. As per the tattoo artist, people do not feel the pain, they fear about the whole thing. So, when you are going to have the tattoo, you must not fear the whole process. The women have more pain bearing tolerance than the men.

4.    Preparation of the Body

Tattoo design does not only require the preparation of the mind, but it also requires the preparation of the body. It is suggested to eat a full meal before going to the tattoo session as you will require strength for the same. Apart from this, you must also take full rest after the tattoo. Avoid drinking alcohol one day before having the tattoo.

5.    Make Sure You Want It for Your Passion

Many of us have the passion for doing the tattoo whether by seeing others or by seeing designs on special sites. But, the real thing is to know whether you want the tattoo or not. You must be sure that you can carry the design for whole life.

These are some of the preparations you can make when you are going for your first tattoo session. The tattoo artists at the Bali ink tattoo studio or anywhere you suggest being mentally and physically prepared before doing the tattoo.

Everything You Need to Know about Mandala Tattoos

In the present times, a large number of individuals from all across the globe are getting inked primarily to adorn their bodies. Apart from scheduling appointment with a well-known artist who would carry out the procedure with utmost precision, it is extremely necessary to look out for alluring designs as well. From among the many options readily available, mandala tattoos have managed to acquire the most popularity. Want to know more about them? If yes, please do buy some time and go through the following write-up.


Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle and it represents wholeness along with eternity, perfection, as well as balance. This particular motif is noted for being a part of prominent religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. Ancient Hindus used mandalas to embellish their prayer rooms and used it as spiritual tool for meditation. According to the professionals offering Bali ink tattoo, Buddhists considered mandalas as symbols of stability in the body and mind and used them for depicting relationship between human beings and infinity. Christians had used mandalas for decorating the windows and doors of churches. In addition to the spiritual significance, people often get mandala tattoos for bringing out the incredible strength in their character.


As mentioned earlier, mandala tattoos are circular in shape making the back and chest ideal for having them etched. Flat surfaces are obviously preferred and curvy areas generally avoided because the latter could unnecessarily spoil alignment and shape of the said design. Other body parts which modern-day individuals are opting for include rib, spine, stomach, legs, back of ears, thighs, wrist, ankle, nape of neck, etc.


Mandala tattoos are known for being of two types:

  • The floral mandala design is aesthetically pleasing and manifests femininity as well as fertility. It also clearly signifies creation along with blossoming of novel notions. Hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies that are related to flowers are often carved with floral mandalas.
  • The best tattoo artist of Kuta has admitted that tribal mandala design has garnered substantial amounts of recognition. Having association with the primordial era, they are exceptionally rich, expressive, passionate, and at times ferocious. Celestial bodies like earth, sun, and moon are generally carved with tribal mandalas.

Even though mandala as a design has captivated the hearts and minds of larger segments of population, owing to immense complexity, these tattoos must always be inked by a proficient and experienced professional, who have profound knowledge regarding the domain along with credible reputation in the market and is capable of using all kinds of advanced equipment.

The Secret Advantages of Getting Well-Designed Tattoos

Tattoos are looked upon as the most preferable form of body art not just among the youth but also amongst the middle-aged and elderly individuals. In spite of such immense craze for this form of body art, there are some individuals who are skeptical about the reason why people get them etched permanently on their body parts. Do you feel the same? If yes, it’s high time for you to consider the secret advantages of opting for well-designed tattoos.

•    They could make one healthier

As per studies, the people with one or more tattoos have comparatively better immune response when it comes to new tattoos than the ones who are getting them for the first-time. But to have the right tattoos make sure to choose the trusted professionals. Whether you’re looking for the best tattoo studio in Bali or any other place, make sure that the shop you choose offer services in compliance with the safety standards that are followed globally.

•    Tattoos can enhance employment opportunities

According to studies, nearly 192 individuals with proper managerial experience were hired to rate the images of images of people without and with tattoos. At last, it was concluded by the managers that the tattooed employees are more capable of attracting young clientele who are capable enough of employing their utmost effort to ensure consistent growth of business.

•    Improves self-image and makes one feel good.

The adrenaline rush as well as the released endorphins that are brought on via the body’s chemical response when having tattoos can produce body high and delightful natural head. In fact, it has also been proved that this form of body art can enhance one’s self image for good.

•    They make you feel confident

This form of body art is proven to enhance personalities that further help individuals to feel more confident. The tattoos can also enable one to express his/her suppressed feelings. These body marks can also be etched to cover the visible birthmarks or scars due to some wound or accidents. But you can only end up feeling confident about yourself if you get a gratifying body art. To make that possible it is extremely important to choose a professional who has years of experience in providing the clients with commendable tattoo services in accordance with their needs.

When it comes to a trusted tattoo studio, Celebrity Ink is undoubtedly the first name that strikes in mind. The brand is shortly coming with its studio in Kuta after its success in the Southeast Asian countries. Hence, you can opt for Celebrity Ink in Kuta if you ever feel like getting a tattoo done in Bali.